About Esserly

Hello there, my name is Ida, and I am the proud founder of Esserly. As a mother of three, I've come to appreciate the importance of efficiency when pursuing my hobbies and interests. My journey with Esserly began when I couldn't find a padel bag that truly resonated with my taste. Rather than settling, I decided to venture out and create the bag I had always envisioned.

I started with some simple sketches and reached out to various manufacturing companies. That's when I connected with Lotus, who works at a manufacturing company in GuangDong province. Throughout the process, Lotus has been incredibly helpful and professional. Together, we discussed and carefully considered design elements such as fabric choice, quilting thread, stitching color, and zipper pullers. Every decision was made thoughtfully, ensuring the final product met our high standards.

Working with Lotus and the manufacturing team has been an enriching experience. They've been supportive of my vision and have diligently helped me bring my hand-drawn designs to life. Our collaboration has been built on trust and the shared goal of creating perfect padel bags.

To demonstrate our commitment to quality, I personally inspect each bag before it is sent to our customers. My approach to customer service and overall business philosophy have been shaped by my personal experiences. I believe in keeping things simple and friendly, and I genuinely appreciate the feedback I receive from our customers.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback—I'd love to hear from you!

Ida ❤️

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